Helping team members through doubt and fear

When our team members are unsure of their skills, their abilities or even their knowledge, it's important as leaders that we help them. My horse Zouk in the photo above was really not sure about his safety if he crossed this bridge. I had a couple of choices; I could...

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To be a good leader, start by being a good follower!

Fellowship and Leadership are two totally intertwined topics yet you hardly read much about the former. In our experience using leading and following in partner dance as well as with horses, really quickly allows this to be learnt.  The article below...

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Come along for the Ride (Podcast)

I was fortunate enough and honoured to be interviewed by Tracey Malone from ‘Come along for the Ride’ podcasts last week. Below is a glimpse of what she said and a link to the podcast. I hope you enjoy it. Episode 14 — Fiona Darroch-Speedie: Dancing with Horses In...

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