What could horses and dancing possibly offer me?

A lot of people are curious about how horses and dance can help with leadership skills, so I thought I might share some common questions I get asked. 1.  How could this workshop help me? This workshop will help you if you are in a management or leadership position (or...

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Suck it up princess

Running your own business is hard. Sure you’re doing what you love, you have a great boss, you can set your own hours, choose your co-workers (currently 2 cats and 2 dogs curled up next to me) and generally feel empowered and grateful you can share your passions....

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Deloitte executives learn about Leadership from horses

Its confirmed, horses help you learn #leadership! Read it here in the ‘Australian’ where Deloitte executive Peter Williams spent time with horse whisperer Carlos Tabernaberri. If you act inappropriately in the horse world you lose your leadership, and in life that’s...

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What does Salsa dancing and Leadership have in common?

I’m excited to share with you an article I wrote for LeadersHub magazine. Link to full article is below. Enjoy:) The answer may surprise you. First impressions may not easily reveal the similarities between dance and leadership, however a more thorough perusal reveals...

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