Feedback from Aurecon Corporate Leadership workshop participants

Fiona is an exceptional learning and development professional who has provided me with advice and support over the last six years. She has always been willing to design specific training opportunities for my team, often at very short notice, and always with patience and good-humour. She is engaging and positive and, as a result, she is a very popular facilitator and coach. In addition, she has personally challenged me to take on new opportunities and push myself out of my comfort zone. I have no hesitation in recommending Fiona as a coach, facilitator, or talent development consultant and I hope we get the opportunity to work together again in the future.

Evelyn Storey

Regional Director, AURECON

It’s rare that you come across a standout talent like Fiona. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Fiona since she joined Aurecon. The training she runs is always highly engaging, informative but most of all fun. In addition to the very public training Fiona plans and undertakes, she also always makes time for me and others to guide and mentor us with our careers. Her advice is always professional, forthright and proactive. Fiona would be an exceptional asset to any team and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

John Cranley

Rail Market Lead, AURECON

Fiona has been my coach for the last couple of years and she is absolutely amazing! Under Fiona’s guidance my confidence and leadership abilities have increased beyond measure. She is kind, caring and compassionate yet she also knew when and how to push me out of my comfort zone to get better results. Fiona has taught me so much about working with different types of people. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Fiona’s help.

Talia Guest

Infrastructure Unit Lead, AURECON

There is so much I can say about Fiona. She is an inspirational leader and a fantastic facilitator. Her commitment to getting the job done is commendable and she does so with ease even at times with immense pressures. I have no hesitation in recommending Fiona to any organisation if you are looking for the right person to lead your talent and develop your people.

Penny Hallett

Manager, AURECON

Whenever Fiona is facilitating, there is always an infectious energy the buzzes around the room and amongst the participants. During my time at Aurecon, I have attended several of Fiona’s workshops with DiSC and Problem Solving with visuals being my two favourites. Fiona takes her participants on a learning journey and always ensures her sessions are engaging and informative. Fiona is very thoughtful in her delivery as she often uses both a variety of examples that participants can resonate with and a variety of items that participants can interact with making her sessions incredibly memorable. Fiona is a true example of someone who lives and breathes their craft. I would highly recommend Fiona for all leadership development, coaching, training and facilitation work.

Stephanie Yeo


I have had the pleasure of working with Fiona for over three years. Fiona is one of the best Talent Development / L&D professionals I have worked with in my career. Her strengths are her passionate, energetic facilitation style and her drive for continuous improvement. Fiona is also an accomplished instructional designer and can see the big picture of how a learning intervention will impact her clients. As a professional, Fiona is prepared to challenge others and back what she believes in. She cares deeply about helping people grow in their careers as well as personally.

Scott Tatum

Technical Capability Manager, AURECON

I have had the privilege of working with Fiona over the past 6 years. Her passion, energy and commitment to developing others is both energising and inspiring. Fiona is an accomplished facilitator, and outstanding coach and mentor, and has developed many leadership modules during our time together. She is naturally inquisitive, a strong collaborator and creates learning environments which foster experimentation and innovation. I would not hesitate in recommending Fiona in the areas of facilitation, programme design and leadership development. She is a professional and creative learning and development practitioner, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with Fiona again.

Jeanette Sanderson

Global Talent & OD Lead, AURECON

Fiona has been organising and facilitating training for my team for over 5 years. This training has led the team to learn more about themselves, better understand each other and how to effectively interact. These sessions have been tailored to our needs and have been passionately presented and extremely well received. Further to this, Fiona has been an active mentor for many people in my team (including me). During these mentor sessions Fiona has provided professional and highly insightful guidance and advice. I would highly recommend Fiona to any organisation.

David Franklin

Flooding & Drainage Discipline Lead, AURECON

I have attended several of Fiona’s training courses throughout my time at Aurecon and they have always been engaging, interactive, and valuable to my work. One training course that stands out as an example of Fiona’s expertise is the Speaker’s Club. The objective of the course is to become more comfortable with presenting in front of an audience, and teaching the use of different tools for effectively communicating information. We had attendees of all different skill levels, from mumbling and never looking up from their written notes to those who were mixing props with charismatic delivery, and despite the disparate experience levels Fiona tailored the sessions so that each attendee would leave with something meaningful to work on.

May-yuu McSen

Control Systems Engineer, AURECON

I have enjoyed every minute of your training sessions and it is rare that you find someone so talented, dedicated and passionate coach / trainer such as yourself who brings everyone in the room to life, engages everyone so well and keeps everyone interested even after the sessions. I’ve seen even the most introverted disengaged person talk about your sessions to everyone who would listen for months afterwards.

Wendy Young

Project Manager, Portfolio Lead, AURECON

Kind words from other organisations

I found the small group sessions, discussions on leadership styles and communication styles and trusting and working with others in both dance excercises and with horses stretched me out of my comfort zone and made me really think about my own leadership skills.

Suzanne Bauer


This course is amazing and Fiona is fantastic at what she does, her passion shows through all day and she is encouraging, helpful and never judgemental and keeps the day moving and interesting. It was an amazing day, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Annette Hodby


Fiona is an inspiration and born leader – the information and teaching method she presented was unlike anything I’d experienced in the past and I came out learning more about myself and my style of leadership.

Hayley Chambers-Holt


It was so very interesting and had me hooked every minute. I learned so much about myself and have been thinking back to the day since!

Rachel Peers


Fiona’s workshops are designed to make you feel at ease, while also pushing you to further your interpersonal and leadership skill set. The blend of dancing and horse work teaches you valuable leadership and fellowship skills – regardless of your experience in either!

Carly Richmond

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