What business leaders really want is to feel like an effective, respected and successful leader who others look up to and who loves coming to work and delivering outstanding results with highly motivated and engaged staff.

They know they want a tightly banded unit who can operate effectively and efficiently without constant supervision or direction and who supports and helps each other.

Leading a team should be one of the most rewarding role you can have, but sadly for a lot of leaders it turns into one of the most frustrating and time consuming roles they have. You may recognise some of the below scenarios…

You want to be a consultative leader so you have regular meetings to give your staff the opportunity to contribute ideas or concerns. However instead of free healthy debate, there is deathly silence when you ask for an opinion and everything is ‘fine’ when clearly it isn’t. The same people talk and say the same complaints. You wonder why you bother.

It seems like no-one can make a decision without asking you first. No matter how often you tell them its ok to do something they have to check with you nearly every step of the way and you never get any of your work done. You wish they could just stand up and make decisions!

You thought you hired experts and highly skilled people however no-one seems to do things the right way and are constantly making mistakes. You have to double check everything before it goes out, and you feel you are constantly training or telling people how to do their jobs.

A lot of your staff are from a different generation from you and they just don’t seem to have the same work ethics that you expect. They seem to want to work only when it suits them and are constantly asking for time off or to work from home. How can you trust them to do it right if they aren’t where you can see them?

You are ambitious and want to step up to the next level but your manager appears to be blocking you and you have an adversarial relationship with them. They constantly appear to undermine your decisions and make you look bad in front of others. You wish there was a way to get them on side so you can work as a team.

Clients who get the best results with me are those who are willing to step outside their comfort zones and look at their own behaviour. After all the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result!

I work with business leaders who are frustrated with their difficult, dysfunctional staff or managers and who need to transform them into a cohesive high performing teams, but don’t know how. They have tried everything but its just not working.

Case study 1

The under-performing team

A successful client was a senior leader who came to me concerned about the performance of his team. He said they were under-performing, negative, with lots of conflicts and silos within the team. He didn’t know what to do to help them. We met monthly and worked on building his leadership skills and understanding of high performing teams and within six months his team were better performing, cohesive and much happier, which meant he could actually work on his own projects and KPI’s.

Case study 2

The ambitious young leader

An ambitious young leader who knew the way to a promotion was to speak more confidently and assertively about her skills as a leader. So we worked regularly on developing her confidence and self belief which naturally filtered down into how she treated her team and therefore their results.

Within 12 months she was promoted and within two years was promoted again.

Some of the leaders I have worked with ...

So, now that you know the kind of leaders I work with and the kind of successes I can get, learn more about how I work.

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