New Video Series 'The Dance of Connection'

Are you looking for a better way to understand and connect with your team?

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Wouldn’t it be so much easier if your team listened to you and worked together effectively?

Do you feel like you are constantly pretending that you know how to be a leader?

Do you feel like an imposter?

Wish you could find a way to be authentic and understood while also producing great results?

Often think that everyone else has a leaders manual that you don’t have access to?

How good would it feel to really know how to connect with and get the best out of your team?

Imagine if your team liked and respected you while also performing at their best?
Imagine feeling confident that your team had your back and worked as a cohesive unit.
Imagine feeling secure enough that you became a sought after mentor for up and coming leaders.

More that 60% of new leaders don’t receive any training or professional development and are expected to just ‘get it’. Despite appearances most managers feel like they are failing at being a good leader. Imposter syndrome is rife!

  • You need to understand how to authentically connect with others in order to build trust and achieve results.
  • You need to understand how your communication preferences impact others and how to change that.
  • You need to understand how your energy and intentions effect the outcomes you are wanting.
  • You need to be able to focus on your work and trust your team to do theirs, without micromanaging or worrying it won’t get done.

Why work with Fiona Darroch-Speedie?

After 15 years in the learning and development world working in both national and multi-national companies, I know what you need to do to get your teams to start listening to you and working effectively together. I am currently completing doctoral research into leadership using equine facilitators and dance movements, so my workshops are based on credible and latest research. In addition, I am an accredited executive coach as well as DiSC & LSI practitioner.

I will show you how to understand both your and your teams’ communication preferences and how this will help you to connect authentically, in my innovative and highly effective Dancing with Horses leadership workshops. You CAN be an effective, confident leader.l

Some of the leaders I have worked with ...

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